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Web Design
On an Active web site what should be available?

What should be considered in the design of the Web site?

Importance of Web site software is used in?

how does A dynamic web site work?

Animated web site is attractive because more attention?

Web site owners who want to have or institution, organization or individual to tamper with the heads of these questions. Felis answers all the questions to the appropriate customer solutions by offering the most effective web site services to the target itself has determined, from design to integration, testing, implementation phase go on the road in all these basic needs provided. An entire web site as intended, that the site remains live to provide is very important. Updated with information, creating a live web site that site will provide a very long time to remain popular.

HTML Web Sites:

Low-cost solutions that are at the top of the HTML web site practices, to the demands of our customers for standard web site provides the most appropriate solution. Customer's appreciation of the graphical interface, fast service code is being presented to the customer.

Flash Web sites:
Dynamic and static structure was designed with visual items, and prepared web sites based on type of mobility. Every platform is running smoothly increasing popularity of the Flash site. Flash site is the most important part of graphic design application, Felis offers professional services, new technological applications of this quality to customers by supporting the most beautiful, most functional and offers the highest quality service.
Each passing day in our daily lives becomes indispensable websites Places institutional, legal and even desirable by all the personal platform is one of the most effective tools. Low-cost permanent advertising opportunities, electronic commerce applications, providing the opportunity for personal and general information sharing forum page for every computer user will need to search the area or structure are suitable to their own web sites.


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