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Common feature of successful organizations, productive work with people. To increase the efficiency of the institution, is to increase the number of qualified people. Employees nature starts to select the right people the right to work. Companies, Human Resources process, one of the biggest complaints is not to find the right person for the job available. Classical methods for the applications of companies posting their staff to extract, to examine and to decide every time is a long process.

The developing world to adapt for the appropriate place of work and work required to find the elements must have the right qualifications. From among the hundreds of people who apply the same position to select the most appropriate elements to be left to a serious accident at the same time is very tiring work.

Today's world of business competition and efficiency, requires high concentrations. Business activities outside their main source of outside experts for work in any orientation (Out-Sourcing) is a good way to go. Thus, saving time and cost efficiency of the process.Felis Information technology, suitable for placement service, positions the company for the following staff positions.

Outsourcing Services Branch of the Grant:
    Project Manager
     Software Specialist
     Database Specialist
    Project Manager
    System Specialist
   Technical Support Staff

Felis Information Technology solves consulting in behalf of corporate clients in the Human Resources processes effectively. Professionals who specialize in the elimination of candidates from the large pool of candidates is reached, the necessary negotiations, reference checks of candidates will determine a finalist for the customers. In this way, saving time and cost savings but also ensures that the business will become enjoyable. All these studies always be aware of confidentiality requirements we have within the company in terms of both candidates know the importance of secrecy.
  • Personnel Request Form Received by the Company to Request :
    This stage, the work needed to determine the profile with the general lines are provided.
  • Search the Knowledge and Skills and Competency Determination :
    We receive the claim form together with staff Felis Information technology professionals will contact with our customers. Thus, your company culture and expectations gets more closely to identify opportunities for better understanding the finds.
  • Creating a Pool of Candidates :
    Felis Information Technologies employees, extensive data base at this stage (Staff Information Base) and other resources required by using the candidate they think will meet your expectations, is a private pool.
  • Interviews :
    Your expectations and the basic skills for identifying and competent candidate for understanding the degree of compliance to your company's culture, various interview techniques (If you are writing tests or psychometric testing) is determined using the finalist candidates.
  • Prospective Determination of Finalists :
    As a result of elimination of pre-configured and interviews up to your expectations and company culture match, some positive differences with each candidate according to opinion of the finalist candidates are introduced.
  • Finalist Candidates Bid on Your Company :
    You will be introduced by the appropriate professional finalist candidates, you get the detailed description from your company in our contact.
After negotiations, the candidates found suitable for the current staff, the offer is made by company officials with the general conditions of work by describing the job. Job is done once accepting the job of legal action by companies on the candidate.
  • Blue Collar Personnel Placement :
    Work on the nature of the appropriate personnel to meet with employers, to be accompanied in business, is the process of preparation of documents necessary for starting work.
  • Guaranteed Employment :
    Our company, our customers in line with the Convention, the candidate's job during the legal trial separation from work in case of new personnel to guarantee employment.
  • Periodical / Temporary Work Force :
    Increasing the intensity of work in our company to meet certain period, the temporary staff to respond to the needs of a certain duration, provides periodic personnel.
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