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Project Management

Project management of the project, which identified certain limitations in the time zone is determined goals and provide resources to a process must be within reach.

Important projects within the framework of this process step and determining the critical phase of the project for continuous tracking of the development, efficient resource utilization, organizational change and to identify needs, such as coordination of the project is very important to healthy walking activities that must be fulfilled.

Felis Information Technology, in the field of project management experience out of its project managers with the authority to provide the latest project management techniques, instead of the current setup much faster, efficient, low-cost projects will take place.


Project Management Steps :

  1. Institutional and administrative support to create awareness
  2. Project and design of the process
  3. Document creation of standards
  4. Project Management and implementation of standards to follow the process (PMI, PMBOK)
  5. Portfolio management and transition to PMO
  6. Pilot Study
  7. Top-level analysis, reporting and measurement
  8. Customer adaptation and training

Today, technology firms in the past ever before to remove the opportunities. In such an environment-based Information Technology projects in the company who manage and conduct the activities of the people, experience and management skills through a global competitive environment, it is possible to make the company the advantage.

Operation of a new product in development, the establishment of an information system or a new investment projects such as the planning of each of them specific to a particular place in the relations of priority and then is made up of many activities. This feature is due to take place once the planning of projects, control, resource distribution and cost control has emerged as a significant problem. Project management planning and programming activities is another important issue besides the time-scale of resources as required during project identification, distribution and control costs by doing it is to be connected.

The first project to be successful project management plan must be created and that this plan should be revised to enable. However, all the projects short-and long-term financial control to ensure the most effective in all of the project hierarchy to establish effective, time, cost and material on record to make the vehicles should be effectively.

Project Management team members with project managers responsible IT methods offer can apply.


The services within the framework of this method are :

  • Determination of objectives and scope of IT projects
  • Project management practices to gain corporate identity (Project Office)
  • Resources, time, risk, change management
  • Strategic planning
  • Project organization
  • Work is divided into chapters
  • Determination and distribution of authority and responsibility
  • Mission design and analysis
  • Organization charts
  • Creation of task list
  • Project Flow Chart
  • Network diagram
  • Project monitoring and evaluation
  • Control and analysis
  • Performance analysis
  • Monitoring and reporting
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