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Technological Infrastructure Consulting
Technological Infrastructures, all at once, should be planned for future. It is also important infrastructure "can be managed" in a structure. At this point, "infrastructure planning and implementation" Felis Information Technology staff experienced to leave a will for your company, your most important decisions will be one, because Felis' in the technical experts at the beginning of the project means to you in a professional consulting services and project support in the business to lighten your load.

Felis Information Technologies, knowledge and experience, combined with the most current technologies and offers end-to-end solutions to your services. Infrastructure and business systems technology development at every point in the design supports your business. Interior design does not fit anywhere from the cable barrier created by the meter, and saves time from often the most important modifications due to infrastructure problems have caused the collapse of the system.

System and Network Installation Services
Felis Information Technology System & Network department reduces your risk, improves your service quality and efficiency, by updating your technology to make a difference with your competitors, and when you want to get professional help in crisis situations Felis is ready to offer solutions.

Installation Services
Local Area Network (LAN) Systems Organization
Wide Area Network (WAN) Systems Organization
Structured Cabling Internet Security Systems
Microsoft Products and Solutions
MS NT / WINDOWS 2003 and ISA2004 Network Planning, Establishment, Training
MS Exchange and Proxy Server Enterprise and Education
TCP / IP Network Design
Cross Platform Integration (Unix - Linux-Mainframe - PC Network)
Support Agreements and Out Source Service
Security Hardware and Software
Turnkey Projects (Server, PC and Other Hardware Sales, and Organization)
Wired, wireless network printer setup and configuration

LAN Consulting
Created in a specific area of nursing services LAN and wireless network technology. In general, small and medium scale companies in the systems and network technologies is preferred. Printer, scanner, such as file sharing and shared access to common use makes it possible to open sources. To use your Internet connection in this system is common. Consulting firms and institutions with security services and the internet security levels are determined locally on networks. According to the needs of the institution as a result of configuration control hardware and software, a firewall (firewall), IDS, NIDS, HIDS, Virus Protection, Wireless, VPN, data security preferences are provided to our customers.
WAN Consulting Services
WAN Consulting services performed by Felis Information Technology, long distance in the network provides the technology to communicate with each other. Further development of network technologies and video, voice and information exchange is conducted in the same platform. Different Locations, There will connect various devices. In your home, office environments, you can work as to prepare the camera system will be installed at any point, such as the ability to monitor WAN technology is presented.
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