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Retail Services

Computer Maintenance Services :
Technical services, computer services, computer hardware (Motherboard, video card, monitors, Hard disks corruption, etc.) or software (operating system to crash-corruption, a virus infected your system unstable work, etc.) problems, such as technical service are solved by our team, renewal, or new parts installation to your old computer (upgrade) includes operations.

Could create Problems on your computer :
  • If your computer is infected
  • Your operating system does not work
  • Your operating system crashes or corruption of your operating system
  • Your computer cannot start 
  • Automated process to reset your computer
  • Cdrom not working, Dvdrom not reading, Not writing Dvd writer
  • Virus cleaning requirements
  • Changing processor
  • Computer motherboard change
  • Adding ram, upgrading ram, adding new ram
  • Lcd monitor failure
  • Operating system driver problem, driver installation, the installation of the Motherboard driver
  • People can not be seen in the network
  • People who can not see the network
  • Problems connecting to the Internet
  • ADSL modem is broken and / or adsl modem can not connect to the internet
  • Microsoft Outlook program giving error
  • Mail account problems
  • Mail program problems
  • Usb ports not working
  • The computer is running slow
  • The computer is slow opening
  • The operating system is slowly opening
  • Cannot sent paper to the printer

Home Networking: Wired & Wireless Create your Computer Acceleration (Upgrade)
  • Operating system installation, updating
  • Information Automatic CD-DVD, External (Foreign) usb harddisk backup resources to be set etc.
  • Hardware upgrade, upgrade process
  • Network installation, identification and sharing of resources
  • Integration of hardware and software products
  • Maintenance of current computing technology, support and management services
  • Program updates, and virus scan
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