Cisco Motion approach to mobile IT needs of the institutions
Efes Group, SAP ERP system for the installation of Anatolia Information Services (ABH) to receive support from. Finally in the Netherlands to operate the Efes Breweries International, and Anadolu Efes Efes Holland TMC TMC companies were SAP ERP project.
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Cisco, institutions help to meet the demands of the mobile information technology aims to be the new vision 'Cisco Motion' architecture announced. Cisco Motion, mobile devices, applications and other network security in a single platform enables the integration in a practical manner. The most important part of Cisco Motion vision is the Cisco 3300 Series Mobility Services Engine (MSE) is formed. This application-based platform, wired and wireless networks to support mobile services and to ensure the integrity of open application program interface (API) offers.

Cisco MSE, institutions offer four basic software: Cisco Context-Aware Software, Cisco Adaptive Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (wIPS - in wireless systems to prevent unauthorized users), Cisco Secure Client Manager (secure user management) and Cisco Mobile Intelligent Roaming (intelligent mobile roaming) . Cisco MSE and its software is integrated with Cisco Unified Wireless Network portfolio with the Cisco Unified Communication Manager and Cisco-compatible devices, business applications of mobile systems
expanding targets.

Cisco MSE integrated ecosystem is the first between the companies Nokia and Oracle, as well as AeroScout, agito Airetrak technology such as Networks and industry partners with solutions that offer IntelliDOT, Johnson Controls (healthcare) and OATSystmes (manufacturing) are like partners.

Topics related to a description of the Cisco Wireless and Security Technology Group Vice President Brett Galloway: "Today's corporate mobile information technology solutions, many of the network device in use is required. This device should work with the resulting problems, only the old wireless LAN solution by using can not be resolved, "he said.
Galloway has said: "Cisco's Motion approach, as a platform creates a mobile network, the actual service-centric network architecture. Information technology (IT), business of the mobile world to meet expectations for the various devices, integrate multiple networks, applications, and high-level security information on the gradients need to manage and maintain. "

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