SAP is giving way to grow B'IOTA'da
Turkey's fastest growing cosmetic industry organizations, the "B'IOTA Laboratories" vision of global growth in the context of operational business processes, SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions have moved on.
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Istanbul - August 05, 2008 - 2002 in hundred percent Turkish capital, established by, natural cosmetics and personal care products, production, promotion, distribution and sale of companies operating in the organization since last 5 years in product scale and Bioder the Bioxcin brands with Turkey 'robust improves its position in the cosmetics industry, but also to create a world brand s first steps on the path.

World markets in a short time their permanent place that aim to "B'IOTA Laboratories' rapid growth as a result of complex activities and management has been difficult business processes more efficient and effective to make, export the current growth strategy, consider the future business needs to meet in the start by the SAP ERP placement project, global business as SAP partner IDS Scheer has international experience in the cosmetic industry in Turkey, such as counseling in a short time in 5 months and successfully completed as of 1 July 2008 began to use the SAP ERP solution.

The project based SAP logistics modules of the Materials Management (MM), Production Planning (PP), Quality Management (QM) and Sales Distribution (SD) modules specific to the cosmetics industry 'best practices' has been placed by watching. Integrated logistics modules run as Financial Accounting (FI), Fixed Assets Accounting (AA), Cash Flow (TR), Cost Accounting Place (CO), Cost of Products (CO-PC), Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) modules as well as human resources management system from SAP module Personnel Management (HR-PA) and Payroll's (HR-PY) to be activated with the organization's needs has been met all legal and managerial accounting.

AVE-based methodology for the process to place Scheer'in IDS monitors placed in the project carried out by all the logistics and financial processes in the design and level of detail on top and has developed industry-specific processes Scheer'in IDS, templates and solutions to benefit. With this method, since all the project team at the beginning of the project to be included in all processes and all stages of the project was able to look at.

SAP and IDS Scheer are very pleased with the exit from the trip stating "B'IOTA Laboratories Project Manager Aylin Yilmaz," Right now proceed to use the basic processes are alive. This process of the project without losing time to sit together with 2nd considered for the phase field of automation and customer relationship management CRM, product development and R & D process for the PLM, budgeting and analytics for reporting as to the SAP BW & BW-IP solutions to planning and project preparation began. Our goal by the end of 2009 with high value added by the SAP solutions to implement complete end-to-end integrated the structure of the whole process is to become. "He said.

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